Friday, May 28, 2004

Ding dong Ted is dead

It's been four months since anyone heard from Ted, my asshole step dad. He was phoning a lot before, but everytime it was him we would just hang up. Mom got this letter from him too, which she burned in the parking lot along with some of his old clothes. We doused it all in lighter fluid and Mom called it "The Death of Ted". Chris said "Ding dong Ted is dead."

This is the longest he's been away and we're doing so great without him. Sometimes, I think my Mom still has her doubts about it, and says he might come back and shit, but I think she's happy even though she acts worried. I finally convinced her to get us an unlisted phone number.

I really want to move so Ted can't find us, but it doesn't look like Mom is ready for that yet. Plus, it's hard to find a place that we can afford.


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