Saturday, June 05, 2004

I'm done with Terry

Terry came by my place yesterday afternoon and wanted to hang. My Mom was having a coffee and watching TV on the couch.

I know my Mom never liked Terry or trusted him very much. She suspected him of stealing a gold necklace from her dresser. That happened when I was 14. I convinced her it was me who had taken it, and got my as whipped by Ted, and grounded for two weeks.

Mom didn't believe me and didn't want to punish me but Ted was convinced so I got in trouble for that one.

Anyway, we live in this small motel place which only has a few rooms, so you can pretty much see what anyone is doing anywhere all the time.

Terry came in and sat down at the kitchen table. I could tell he was fucked up on something just from his eyes. He starts telling me about how he's got this important job, and flashes a bunch of twenties and has a gold chain around his wrist. I take off my shirt and show him my viking tatoo, which he says is cool, but then says there's this guy he knows who has the most awesone tatoos all over his back and arms. It made me feel like he thought mine sucked.

15 minutes later, my little brother Chris comes home from school and was really surprised to see Terry in our house. "Hey Chrissie" Terry says to him and calls him a dumb fucking blonde, and makes a kissy face at him. Chris is younger than us but not stupid, but Terry has always picked on him and called him a dumb blonde.

I told Terry to fuck off. Chris said the same and said how he'd seen Terry dealing outside his school and hanging out with these gang guys in the parking lot. Terry said fuck you I don't deal" and called Chris a mouthy little prick.

My Mom got pissed off and told Terry to get the hell out. He gave her the finger and called her a wrinkled old bitch, and that's when I had enough. I took him by the back of the jacket and pushed him out the front door into the parking lot. I figured he might have a knife or something on him, and didn't want to start something inside our house with my Mom right there. Terry must have been stoned, because he stumbled and almost fell, and then started laughing at me. He said I was such a loser, and I told him to fuck off and not to come back.

I'm done with that guy.


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