Sunday, March 01, 2009

It's been like a billion years since I posted

ya, i suck, and have also given up on capitol letters :D

A while back last year google changed their blog service so that you had to make some new google account to get into you blog. Sucked for mew, coz I really didn't get it... I had the guys at K-Net on Kingsway helpp me (cool guys) and also John Love logged in and helped too.

Then I lost my friggin password for blogger, and kind of gave up on this for a year. Dunno why I came back here but then again why not? its better than getting in trouble.

So thanx friends who have told me to keep writing... i'm going to try. there's still a lot of things that have happend to me that aren't here to see. maybe will be tho...


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