Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ding Dong Ted is NOT Dead

I was down on Pender street last week with my little brother, and we saw this skinny beat up guy with a beard, and he looked familiar to me It was Ted. I couldnt believe it.

Last time I wrote about Ted seems like forever ago.
Here's the link to what i said last time tho: Ding dong Ted is dead Part 2

Here we are another 2 years after that and things are going well for me and Mom. but not for Ted.

I'm sure it was him, just standing out on the curb with no shirt on... in front odf this hostel or flophouse or whatever coz there were lots of other sad lookin guys out there too. he had some secondhand jeans and was skinny as hell. It must have been him... I cant believe it.

I think he saw me. Chris was a bit freaked out and so we turned around quick and got around a corner and went another way to get downtown.

I think its karma or somethign that did that to him. It almost makes me hate him less but I wouldnt tell my Mom that.


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