Friday, March 25, 2005

I've been painting, kind of.

For the last month, Ive been working with this guy as kind of a painter's assistant. Not like painting with an artists brush, but more like with a roller an a drop cloth.

Anyway, Ive been learning how to put latex paint onto drywall, and am getting good at putting it on nice and evenly, with an orange peel surface that my boss says means its good.

The money's good too, and this one time I actually got to do some real painting of my own, right on a wall. Here's how it happened:

The guy I work for (Dirk) also does drywalling and some carpentry and construction jobs too. This one time he said they were going to take this whole section of wall out. It was like a partition and didnt go all the way to the celing, so no problem to take it out. My boss knows I like to draw and paint and stuff, and said that if I wanted to come a few hours early, I could do whatever I wanted on the wall before we took it down. I said sure, so he loaned me his digital camera, and let me use whatever paints or markerts or sparay paints I could get. I spent like 3 and half hours on this damn wall, and had this awesome whole scene laid our. It was like my neighbourhood on Kingsway, but instead of people, I did them as these white ghosts. They were still hanging out, or fighting or running around and doing all the stuff that I have seen people do, but they were like these almost see-thgough spirit people. I used some white spray paint or speckled it off a big paint brush to get a halo around some of them, and also used a large black marker for a lot of the thinner lines. It was so awesome and I was super tired when it was done.

I took a couple of far away shots of it, and then got in close for a few details, and took shots with the flash and without. Some of the pics are kind of dark, or show the glare from the flash a little, but maybe I can fix that in Photoshop sometime.

Dirk was there just as I took my last shots, and said it was fucking awesome. I felt like ten feet tall, even though I was so exhausted and totally covered in ink and spray paint. Dirk and I drank a few beers and cranked the tunes before I gav4e it my first shot with the 20 pound sledge. It was said, but also fun to let er rip like that. I went medevle on that wall, but kept a large two foot piece for myself. It's like a trophy for my wall.


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