Friday, August 13, 2004

Free from the dragon

Smokin' Stan's Dragon

I ran into Smokin Stan again last week. He said was now totally off Methidone and had been "free from the dragon" for almost a year.

He said he'd started going to the christian church up by Rupert Street, and that people there were totally acepting to him.

I bought one of his drawings off him, and he told me how he sells them to tattoo places for 10 or 20 bucks. He said the name of this artist that he really liked, some awesome tatoo artist I guess, but I can't remember it. I showed him my shoulder and wrist, and then he rolled up his pant legs to show off these amazing huge dragons - one going around each leg. He had huge dark blue lines on his legs too. "dragons viens" he called them, from the needle.

Stan said it was like he needed a needle for both kinds of high: one for the drug he put in his vieins, and one for the colour he put in his skin.

He told me the first one had been slowly killing him, so he stopped using it. The second one was what helped keep him alive now.

(Thanks ejohn for uploading Stans dragon drawing...)


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