Saturday, December 04, 2004

Levels of cops on skytrain, just to look out for beggars

Poor old woman came onto Skytrain the other night. She was asking everyone for spare change, talking loudly to nobody in particular and almost everyone ignored her. I gave her some change.

This is weird though. A tall guy wearing a dark blue ski jacket was talking into a walkie talkie and describing her. "Short, old, wearing a leather jacket, scarf on her head". These were some kind of undercover skytrain cops, I thought. What was going to happen to the old lady? She seemed pretty harmless to me.

I over heard the secret skytrain cop guy say that a skytrain attendant was already on the phone. I guess they were wanting to chase her away. They wouldn't bust a little old lady for panhandling on the train, would they?

I got off at Commercial Station and so did she. I walked ahead and looked behind me to see where she went. She went up to a large native lady and the lady said how are you and and gave her a hug. A blonde woman in a sytrain jacket was talking on the emergency phone, and then hung up and started walking over to the old lady and the native woman. The skytrain woman kind of talked to her and waved her arm in the direction of the exit. I guess she was just going to get shooed away for begging on the skytrain.


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