Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ding dong Ted is Dead, Part 2

I justr raelized that my first ever post on this blog was about how we had not heard from my asshole stepdad, Ted in like 4 months.
It was here Mike Coffey's Blog: Ding dong Ted is dead

Now its a year and a half later and still nothing from him. It's like he dropped off the face of the earth. I bet he got himself into some trouble and is running off to save his ass from some even badder guys. Wouldn't surprise me at all.

I don't think hell ever see this because hes too stupid to use a computer anyway, but we are doing better than ever with that asshole out of our lives. Regina (my Mom) is happier and so is my little brother Chris. I've been doing some construction work, like a general helper to a guy who does drywall and carpentry and stuff. I am learning more about doing tattoos from this guy who used to work at Mirella's on Boundary and Grandview. I'd like to do tatoo art for a livingt one day, if I ever get good at it.

Thanks to Barry from K-Net here (the Internet cafe where I am doing this blog) for helping me with that hyprlink. I need to learn some html...


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